Wines stored with The Wine Company Group Ltd are subject to annual storage charges. The invoices are raised half yearly or yearly for wines physically in Customer Reserves, or at a frequency to be advised when paying by direct debit.

The storage charge includes insurance at replacement value.

Charges for storage apply only to wines held in the United Kingdom, either duty paid or under bond. Wines purchased en primeur will become subject to storage charges only upon arrival in The Wine Company Ltd’s chosen bonded warehouse in the UK. Customers will be advised upon subsequent shipment and, on arrival, wines will be stored under bond in customers’ reserves unless we receive instructions to the contrary.

Insurance cover is provided as part of The Wine Company Ltd’s storage service, and is for the replacement value of the wine. In the unlikely event of breakage or loss whilst in The Wine Company Group Ltd’s care, a wine will normally be replaced with either the same wine (subject to availability) or a wine of equal or greater quality.

Title of Goods

Wines purchased for cellarage, both in the UK and En Primeur, remain the property of The Wine Company Group Ltd until the customer has paid all sums in respect of the purchase due from it to The Wine Company Group Ltd.

Ullages / condition loss

Whilst The Wine Company Group Ltd will take every reasonable care in the storage of the customer’s wines, no liability will be accepted for deterioration which may occur through the natural processes to which all wines and their corks, however well cared for, are subject.

Consequential loss

Customers are requested to carefully check all invoices so that mistakes can be rectified promptly. The Wine Company Ltd takes considerable pride in the accuracy and diligence of its employees and agents, and will endeavour to satisfy customers’ requirements wherever possible. So far as the law permits however The Wine Company Group Ltd shall not be liable for consequential loss or damage in any respect.


In the event of non-payment of invoices, The Wine Company Group Ltd reserves the right to sell part of or all of the customer’s paid reserve in order to recover the outstanding charges. The Wine Company reserves the right to levy a charge to cover reasonable transaction and handling costs associated with the sale. Under no circumstances will the Wine Company Group Ltd credit the customer’s account with a sum greater than the original invoiced value.

Investment advice

The Wine Company Ltd uses its best endeavours to recommend actions based on its understanding of individual customers’ requirements and objectives. Wine prices can go down as well as up and The Wine Company Group Ltd cannot be held liable for unforeseen changes in value of wines traded on the open market. The sale of wines for investment purposes is not regulated under the Financial Services Act.