Not all of us have a wine cellar at home, so for wines you may be thinking of selling at a later date, storing them in-bond is the ideal solution. Mr.Wheeler’s Private Reserves offer perfect storage conditions for your fine wine until you are ready to drink or sell it. Our in-bond facilities are temperature and moisture-controlled, fully insured at replacement value, and accessible whenever you want. At Mr.Wheeler’s specialist wine storage facility in Burton-Upon-Trent, all private client reserves are marked with a unique rotation number as required by HM Revenue & Customs for bonded goods. In addition, each case of wine is clearly identifiable, confirming your ownership.

As well as storing wines purchased from us, you also have the option to centralise your wines storage by transferring to our facilities any stocks you may hold in other bonded warehouses or even in your own home.


The following rates apply to a 12-month storage period. Invoices are issued quarterly, then monthly to those with storage of 11 cases or more.

      • Fine Wine Plan customers and customers with over 100 cases in storage at £12.50 per 12-bottle case (or £6.25 per 1-6 bottles) per calendar year, invoiced monthly in arrears.
      • Customers with over 50 cases at £13.00 (or £6.50 per 1-6 bottles) per calendar year, invoiced monthly in arrears.
      • Otherwise charged at £13.50 (or £6.75 per 1-6 bottles) per calendar year, invoiced quarterly in arrears.

All costs are ex-VAT.

Portfolio Tracker

Completely free to our storage customers, the online Portfolio Tracker tool places Mr.Wheeler firmly at the cutting edge of the UK fine wine trade, offering drinking dates, purchase history, market valuations, extensive producer profiles and the option to withdraw cases for home delivery. Our Portfolio Tracker keeps you in touch with your cellar at all times, allowing 24/7 access to your reserves whenever you wish and from wherever in the world you may be.

With Portfolio Tracker, you can even ‘add’ multiple cellars to your portfolio to centralise your holdings in one place and to benefit from the data our systems provide. Whether they’re bottles stored in your home cellar, a coming-of-age purchase or cases currently resting in a bonded warehouse elsewhere, Portfolio Tracker can correctly identify and log your holdings while populating the data for each wine.

If you’re already using our Portfolio Tracker and need quick access, you can log in here.