What Is En Primeur

En Primeur is the transaction of buying a wine that is maturing in the place of its origin.


Often en primeur wines will still be maturing in barrel at the time of purchase (as is the case with Bordeaux), only to be bottled and delivered to the UK following the maturation process. Typically, this will span 1 to 3 years after vintage. The 2020 Bordeaux vintage, for example, was sold in 2021 and is now due to arrive in 2023.

Why Buy En Primeur

  • Buying en primeur gives you access to many highly sought-after wines which are usually only released in this way.
  • Wines from quality châteaux tend to appreciate both with age and in price, hence collectors buy in this fashion to take advantage of what will usually be the best price at the time of a wine’s release.
  • You get the pleasure of anticipating your wines’ arrival, them maturing until ready to drink, and of building up a cellar for the future. There’s an emotional dimension to this anticipation that is difficult to express to the uninitiated, however it is certainly one any experienced en primeur buyer will fully endorse. Particularly over a glass of wine!
  • You buy and can store your wines in bond (before paying duty and VAT) as an ideal option should you decide to sell them on at a later stage. There is also an active resale market for finer wines, so do inquire with us if you are interested, as we regularly buy and sell wines on behalf of our customers.

It couldn’t be easier. And at Mr.Wheeler, we offer full advice on any wines you’re interested in along with our assistance at every stage of your purchase. Once tried, you may find en primeur to be one of the more gratifying habits you’ve developed.